Generations Uniting through Movement

Generations that MOVE together #StickTogether

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Physical activities that appeal to both younger and older generations are more often about “movement” than organised sport. That’s why we created the Generations Uniting through Movement (GUM) project, because we believe that fun, low barrier physical activity could be the right formula to bring younger and older generations together – and help them to #StickTogether.


The aim of the EU Erasmus+ Cooperation partnership GUM is to identify, recruit, train and support a cohort of experienced practitioners who will facilitate local-scale activities that connect young people with seniors to help increase their participation in physical activity and sport. Rather than focusing on traditional sport, there is a strong emphasis on piloting activities in five countries (Bulgaria, France, Slovenia, Spain and the UK) that explore ways of adapting traditional and non-formal games to different age groups and physical conditions.

The overall objective of the project is to increase quality of the work, activities and practices of the organisations and institutions involved and together we will create the Generations Uniting through Movement (GUM) programme and tools for new actors from different sectors (sport, health and education). This website features all of these tools and resources for practitioners.

The GUM project will promote health-enhancing physical activity among two key demographic groups:

  • Older people (defined as seniors aged 65 years and over for the purpose of this project) whose participation in physical activity and sport tends to decline as they age
  • Young people (for the purpose of this project defined as those 24 years and younger), whose life long physical activity habits are in their formative stage.

All participating organisations will:

  • Benefit from knowledge sharing and exchange with other participating organisations
  • Develop their expertise in designing, implementing and evaluating inter-generational sport programmes
  • Enhance their understanding of using sport and physical activity as tools for improving wellbeing
  • Establish credible and impactful models of inter-generational activity for future use
  • Boost social action and social capital


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